Who is Slender Lipo & Co?

We offer a solution that will turn your body dreams into reality. We teach you how to eat and to nourish your body with tasty uncomplicated recipes, reprogram your mind to let go of negative self-mage and make healthy your new normal without starving yourself or breaking the bank.

How does our program work?

You use Lipo in a Bottle in conjunction with our quick and easy to follow eating plan that will guide you on your journey to your dream body. You can swop out with allowed items on your shopping list if you wish to alternate.
The average weight-loss is around 8kg per month and for men it is even more.
You eat 3 main meals per day and 2 optional snacks. The great thing about this product its adaptable to any lifestyle. Unlimited vegetables. If you are to busy to cook, you are allowed to replace 2 main meals with a protein shake.

Is Lipo in a Bottle safe to use?

Yes absolutely! It has many functions and is used medically to treat a variety of conditions. It contains the pregnancy hormone. This hormone allows the body to metabolize fat and use it as energy for both mother and foetus. This acts as a “fail-safe ” mechanism when energy is needed immediately. For weight loss, we use only a very small amount to capitalise on this same mechanism. Using it in this way does not mimic pregnancy; in fact, it can be safely used by both men and women. Women may experience very high levels during pregnancy with no adverse effects. Currently, there are no known established clinical side effects.

How does homeopathy work?

Lipo in a Bottle has HcG in Homeopathic form as explained below: 
Homeopathic HcG is produced by taking pure full strength HcG and making it into a sublingual mixture through a process of dilution and succession. True homeopathic products when tested in a typical lab, will come back negative for the active ingredient because the ingredient exists as a unique energy signature or imprint in the carrier liquid that cannot be measured chemically.

More about the Product?

Each Bottle of Liquid Lipo Oral Spray 20ml: 
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin 6X, Alcohol 20%, Purified Water 
Directions for Use: 
Apply 3 sprays in the morning and 3 sprays at night (under tongue) 
30 minutes before meals 
Below 25 Degrees C away from direct light 
Keep out of reach of children. For specified patient use only. 
Do not use if allergic to any of the ingredients. 

Why Slender Lipo & Co?

This is not just another weight loss method. This is tried and tested by so many who have been where you are now. After finishing the program and losing the weight, it resets your body to use stored fat for energy. It then helps you optimally maintain your weight and efficiently keep off the kilograms and centimeters you have shed.

What food am I allowed to eat?

The diet is balanced, unlike many extreme “fad” diets out there. It consists of a healthy variety of protein, vegetables and fruit, with a small amount of starch. You eat them in specific portions and combinations. Once your goal is acheived you will follow after care to ensure you don’t gain the weight back! So many diets out there never tell you or assist you with what happens afterwards.

Exercise and our Lifestyle?

Yes, you can exercise but you don’t have to. You can do about 20 minutes of walking a day, yoga or Pilates if you feel that its needed. Healthy body always equals a healthy mind. Being active also released “feel good hormones” and this alone make you want to eat better and not “fall off the wagon”. However should you wish to get a more toned or sculpted look we can assist.