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The main force behind Slender Lipo & Co is a deep desire to help men and woman of all ages achieve their long-term diet and wellness goals. Whether you’re seeking help with permanent weight loss, sports nutrition and exercise plans, clients are provided with a well-researched and comprehensive plan as we know healthy looks different on every body.

Lipo in a Bottle Oral Spray is fast, safe, effective and addresses the major causes of obesity, combined with delicious recipes & meal plan guide with innovative swop-outs mean you will never feel like you go without. 

Join real people losing real weight TODAY to put an end to yo-yo dieting or just get rid of unwanted fat.

"I lost 24KG in just 3 Months. I feel like I’ve gotten my life back again. I’d tried so many different products & nothing worked. This diet is the only 1 that helped me get rid of the weight & keep it off. Definitely the best diet I have ever tried!”

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weight loss coaching

Optional Weight Loss Coaching

Slender Lipo & Co’s goal is providing Weight Loss Coaching that are catered to each individual’s needs. This specialized service puts you on the right track to fat loss with healthy eating and healthy minds.

Why not get the help from someone that has been where you are now. A weight-loss coach listens more and talks less, asks questions in place of instructing, helps clients prepare for change, and offers strategies specifically designed for clients to help clients achieve weight-loss success.

Your coach can also help to keep you in touch with your desire to lose weight. A coach will also help the individual to set realistic goals for weight loss and develop a plan to attain the goals. Furthermore we pride ourselves in guiding you on your journey even after you have reached your personal goals. Ask us more about this customized option to get you to your goals.

weight loss training programmes

Optional Training Plans - Launching Soon

Now this is not for everyone and not mandatory on our program! But there are those of you out there that desires a more sculpted toned look. Few decisions in life can equal the influence of introducing health and fitness into your daily routine.

As you commit to a fitness routine you’ll begin seeing your body change over time. Weight will be lost and muscles will grow. Your brain will begin registering that your efforts are correlating to a positive result. This manipulate the plasticity of the brain, subtly strengthening neural and psychological drivers that impact everyday life. You’ll soon realize that you have control over how your body looks and performs.

Happiness for most individuals is derived from feeling successful in life. Whether it is fitness, strength, rising the corporate ladder, raising beautiful children, or having a medal placed around your neck after a long race – we want to feel like we matter.

Fitness provides an opportunity to feel successful every day, a fitness lifestyle is so much more than just burning calories and building muscles. It is about fostering the opportunity to grow your body physically, mentally, and emotionally. Embrace the lifestyle and enjoy the evolution.

" Eat like you love yourself, Move like you love yourself, Speak like you love yourself then act like you love yourself"

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